autostart spec, round 2!

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Mon Oct 23 17:09:42 EEST 2006

Le lundi 23 octobre 2006, à 13:38, Thiago Macieira a écrit :
> Vincent Untz wrote:
> >XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/usr/local/etc/xdg:/etc/xdg
> >
> >Let's suppose I have myapp.desktop in both directories. According to
> >your current proposal, we should start by looking at the least important
> >directory, ie /etc/xdg.
> >
> >Now let's suppose /etc/xdg/myapp.desktop is locked down with [$i]. It
> >means /usr/local/etc/xdg/myapp.desktop should be ignored. However,
> >XDG_CONFIG_DIRS states that /usr/local/etc/xdg should be preferred over
> >/etc/xdg (and everybody would expect this, especially admins).
> >
> >I can think of non-trivial ways to fix this, but a trivial way would be
> >better...
> The meaning of "/usr/local/etc/xdg:/etc/xdg" with cascading-merge is that 
> the former overrides the latter. So, yes, /usr/local/etc/xdg is to be 
> preferred over /etc/xdg, under normal circumstances.
> The point is that an [$i] in /etc/xdg locks down saying "stop processing 
> here". It looks correct to me.

With my admin hat on (okay, I'm not a real admin...), assuming all files
in /etc/xdg/autostart are locked down:

"I want to change some autostart programs. Let's put them in
/usr/local/etc/xdg/autostart and modify XDG_CONFIG_DIRS so they have a
higher priority. Hrm, why doesn't it work? Why would this $£#{ use
/etc/xdg/autostart when I explicitly tell to user /usr/local/etc/xdg

It looks correct according to what we described in this thread, but it's
not what sysadmins will expect in this specific case.


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