Help System Spec

Don Scorgie DonScorgie at
Tue Oct 31 17:51:41 EET 2006


I'm forwarding this to the xdg list as recommended.

A little while ago, Cornelius Schumacher sent me an old draft of a spec
for a joint help system between GNOME and KDE.  Since then, I've been
looking through, adapting it slightly and adding various bits needed by
GNOME [1].

I feel its in something approaching a decent state (well, enough for
people to look over and comment on), so I'm not attaching it to this
email.  Instead, you can get it from [2].  It's in docbook format, so
you can view it in you're favourite help browser at you're leisure.

You will notice a lot of Note boxes within the file.  In these cases,
they're where I wasn't sure about something, wanted to add some thoughts
(but didn't seem to fit properly) or I got bored and wrote garbage ;)

Hopefully, this won't disappear into the ether and instead something
will come of it.  Any feedback and comments much appreciated.


[1] Based on what I perceive as needs and shaunm's page at


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