Non-spec icon name registration

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Aug 4 22:48:02 PDT 2007

We are doing more work on KDE icon names and it has become very apparent 
to me that KDE has a lot more icon names than the spec.  I mean a LOT of 
icons.  I have a list of 128 KDE Control Module 'desktop' files that use 
icons and although there are currently some duplications, this is still 
a lot -- actually, there are currently too many duplications.

Being realistic about this, I don't think that we should ask that KDE 
icons be incorporated into the actual spec -- there are just too many of 

So, I was wondering if FD.o could establish a Wiki page where KDE, and 
others, could post their icon names that are not part of the spec so 
that others with a similar need could use them.  This would not require 
any approval or any process, just post them.

I would presume that from time to time some of them might be added to 
the spec, but this is not necessary.


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