Shared-mime checking order

Sanel Zukan sanelz at
Mon Aug 6 04:16:41 PDT 2007

> One other reason is performance. Magic detection is extremely seek heavy
> and thus performs extremely bad.

Yea, correct indeed.

> A more significant problem is that network protocols do not support
> parallel connections and thus sniffing without lag, and we have to
> resort to extensions anyway (.txt on FTP, for instance). It's just not
> feasible to read() remote files before opening them, at least not if we
> do not cache the results [which is done for thumbnailing].

Yes. Beside this, (just thinking) directory with list permission (but no 
read of it's files) is also one of the reasons to see extension approach as 
prefered :)

Hm... maybe in specs all these pros/cons could be noted so people does
not get impression that this is 'extended copy' of behaviour from
Windows. In few chats, what I could see, for most of them after specs reading, 
first association was broken mime system from Windows.


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