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On Mon, 6 Aug 2007 21:21:38 +0200 "Claes H" <claesatwork at gmail.com> babbled:

> This is an interesting discussion and hopefully some consensus can be
> reached. About a year ago I started the Wikipedia page "Table of
> keyboard shortcuts" to document which keyboard shortcuts are used on
> the major platforms. I thought it would be best maintained on
> Wikipedia since it is beneficial if it is reasonably complete also for
> non-unix platforms. I think it is quite useful as reference by now.
> I think it can be argued that Alt does not fully belong to the WM.
> After all, Alt is the modifier that activates the menu options (such
> as Alt+F for the file menu). This is at least since the CUA standard
> was published in 1987, which Windows inherits from. Also, Alt is used
> as the accesskey in HTML in many browsers, including Firefox. For this
> reason, Firefox has disabled Alt as menu accesskey on Unix, and it is
> used as accesskey for the browsed content instead, but still not free
> for the WM.
> For this reason I think the main distinction for who should listen for
> Alt should be between alphanumerical chars and non-alphanumerical
> chars. That seems to solve the majority of cases. There is still some
> conflict on Alt+cursor keys though. Apart from this, the following
> division seems to reflect current practise:
> For use by WM / Desktop			
> =======================
> Modifier		Additional
> Alt			non alphanumerical	
> Alt+Shift	        non alphanumerical
> Alt			mouse			
> Alt+ctrl 		any	
> Alt+shift		any	
> Alt+shift+ctrl		any

this makes sense and i think summarises a very broad and common usage of
modifiers by wm's/desktop elements.

> For use by applications
> =======================
> Modifier		Additional
> Alt 			alphanumerical
> Alt+Shift 		alphanumerical
> Ctrl			any
> Ctrl+Shift		any
> Since Alt already is split, it might be possible to split "ownership"
> of other modifiers as well?

might want to change:
Alt+Shift             any

> Claes
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