specifications implementations in Java (LGPL2)

Henry Jen henryjen at
Mon Feb 5 10:47:55 EET 2007

> Hello,
> I have implemented some of the freedesktop specs in Java :
> because I needed them for another Java project.

Hi Sekou,

I am quite interested in such a project, as myself is considering doing 
the same thing.

Will you consider move the project to to get more visibility?

> My "problems" are :
>  - I use the "Freedesktop" name,
>  - every libraries use the "freedesktop-" prefix,
>  - every classes are in the org.freedesktop.SPEC_NAME.* package.
> Is that ok for me to use the freedesktop name for these specs
> implementations ?

I hope it is OK. IMO, this would be best.

> I've got absolutely no problems with giving the code to
> as long as it stays LGPL2.

I think in order to use org.freedesktop.*, it would be better to get 
some sort of acknowledgment from Sort of like host the 
project here.

One example is the D-Bus Java binding.

If there are enough interest, maybe it worth an umbrella project for 
Java bindings for different specs.


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