More on the menu spec test suite

dan sinclair zero at
Mon Feb 5 16:23:51 EET 2007

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> I tried to run the submenu-collision test, which failed with the
> following (slightly simplified) diff:
> --- /tmp/menutestdir/run-result.filtered
> +++ /tmp/menutestdir/required-result.sorted
> +Applications/
>    kate.desktop    /tmp/menutestdir/xdg_data_dir/applications/kate.desktop
> +Applications/
>    kbabel.desktop /tmp/menutestdir/xdg_data_dir/applications/kbabel.desktop
> +Applications/
>    KEdit.desktop   /tmp/menutestdir/xdg_data_dir/applications/KEdit.desktop
> +Applications/
>    kwrite.desktop  /tmp/menutestdir/xdg_data_dir/applications/kwrite.desktop
> +Applications/
>    quanta.desktop  /tmp/menutestdir/xdg_data_dir/applications/quanta.desktop
> The test includes two menus which both have the name "Applications" and
> contain an <Include> rule. The test expects no output from the
> implementation. If I remember the specification correctly, a new menu
> should be created with the two <Include>'s added, which would look like
> this:

Looking at the results file in the test suite it's expecting the 
desktop's you listed as the results. It looks more like your 
implementation isn't returning any desktop files.


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