shared-mime-info 0.20

Bastien Nocera hadess at
Tue Feb 6 13:52:03 EET 2007


After nearly 3 days worth of work, 54 reported bugs fixed (and many more
unseen!) and a 6 months of wait, shared-mime-info 0.20 is out.

Downloadable at:

The NEWS file says:
shared-mime-info 0.20 (2007-02-06)
* Mime-type Changes:
- Add text/javascript as an alias for application/javascript
- Add  *.latex as a pattern for TeX documents
- Add image/x-macpaint for "MacPaint Bitmap image"
- Add RTSPtextRTSP-style movie references to
- Add image/pdf as an alias for application/pdf
- Add video/flv as an alias for FLV videos
- Add Google Video Pointer mime-types
- Add application/pls as an alias for pls files
- Add gzip/bz2 types for DVI, PDF and PostScript
- Add *.kar as a pattern for MIDI files
- Add video/mp4v-es as an alias for MPEG-4 videos
- Add video/x-ms-wvx, video/x-ms-wax and video/x-ms-wmx as alias for ASX
- Add patterns and aliases for Vivo video
- Add alias for FLI files
- Add video/x-ms-wm as an alias for video/x-ms-asf
- Add a image/x-icns mime-type for MacOS X icons
- Add a text/x-rpm-spec mime-type for RPM .spec files
- Add NSC multicast playlists to video/x-ms-asf, with magic
- Add the audio/x-tta mime-type
- Add application/x-msexcel as an alias for Excel files
- Add PGM, PBM and PPM as sub-classes of PNM
- Move *.ram files to application/ram
- Use the preferred Matroska mime-types, includes Matroska audio
- Detect Makefile with a shebang at the start
- Add application/x-bzip2 as an alias for bz2 archives
- Add more magic for QuickTime files
- Add eMusic download packages
- Add *.rdfs and *.owl patterns to RDF files
- Add newer magic for Gnumeric files
- Add mime-type for WBMP images
- Make DIA a sub-class of application/xml
- Clean up PGP/GnuPG file types
- Add Lua scripts
- Avoid misdetecting Java files as C files
- Add OCL scripts
- Merge the application/vnd.palm and application/x-palm-database
- Make mbox as a sub-class of text/plain
- Add magic to detect AutoCAD DXF files
- Add magic for Go SGF records
- Add magic for PGN chess games
- Add DAR archives
- Add WavPack audio
- Remove bogus magic for Targa files
- Add Markaby scripts
- Add ACE archives
- Add Haansoft's Hangul word processor documents
- Clean up XSLT mime-types depending on version
- Add LDIF files
- Add XLIFF translation files
- Move compressed SVG files to image/svg+xml-compressed
- Add Citrix ICA files
- Add XUL and XBL detection
- Move compressed pcf (font) detection to application/x-font-pcf

* Other:
- Fix CPIO description
- Don't abort when update-mime-database can't open a file
- Move the pkgconfig file to $(datadir)
- Skip the translation of update-mime-database.c
- Have a quiet output to update-mime-database by default


Bastien Nocera <hadess at> 

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