Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Mon Feb 12 18:52:30 EET 2007

Another issue I'd like a second opinion on: there's the problem of
handling buttons.  I looked at the code for ksanebutton to see if it
did anything special to get button presses, but it just keeps all the
devices open, and loops through them getting the value of each button
option to see if it's changed, then sleeps for a bit (probably to keep
from using 100% CPU).  This isn't a bad way to do things, but I'd
really rather find a better way to check the buttons which would use
less processing power and not have to access the hardware every second
or so.  Unfortunately, after looking through the backends which have
button support, it seems like some possibly get notified of button
presses by the scanner (maybe the USB ones?) but most have to poll the
scanner too.  Do you know of any other way to check the buttons?  Any
idea what the Windows drivers do?

Also, if you don't mind, maybe we should change the name back to
imcapd (or even better, imgcapd)?  Every time I see "imcad" in my
process list, it sounds more like something with Computer-Aided Design
than scanner access. ;)  libpcap, gvidcap, etc. all use "cap" for
capture, so it would make it more obvious what it does.  Definitely
not a big deal at all, just thought I'd bring it up.  If pronouncing
it is a problem, it can be said as "Image-Capped".

Donald Straney

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