Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Mon Feb 12 19:08:54 EET 2007

> SANE button handling is very basic. You must poll all hard selected
> option.  See SANE 2 standard discussion for future change.

Too bad, I had hoped that there was something I had missed.  Oh well,
maybe with SANE 2 it'll improve.

> I strongly
> suggest you to join the sane-devel and sane-standard mailing list in
> order to discuss about SANE. Sane needs you to evolve. See also archive
> about well-known options.

You're right, I should've joined the SANE mailing list to see what was
going on there when this started.  Thanks for the suggestion.

> Ok, go for imcapd. don't forget to change imcad for imcapd in
> Also, since imcapd is 6 letters longs, i suggest you to
> prefix function with icd or something less long than 5 chars.

Right, I'll do that.  Do you mean that all the internal functions
should have an icd prefix?

Donald Straney

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