shared wasabi implementation

Max Wiehle max.wiehle at
Mon Feb 19 15:33:47 PST 2007


>         > Is there any where we can have a look at your work?
>         Its in the beagle svn in
>         mostly in beagled/SqliteMetadata/...
>         It's only the store and some internal beagle changes that save
>         metadata
>         to the store. But there is no external api yet. 
>         EntityStore.cs is the central store.
>         SqlMetaTests/TestEntityStoreBasics.cs illustrates the usage a
>         little
>         bit.
>         SqlMetadata.cs implements an EntityStore that tries to verify
>         metadata
>         against a model supplied in SqlMetaModel and stores it marked
>         as 
>         non_verified anyway if it can't be verified.
>         If there are any questions please ask. I am quite busy right
>         now but i
>         will be working on similar things from april on for my diploma
>         thesis so
>         i will try and keep in touch.

> Cool, I will have a look at it when I can find some time...
> Just a quick question: Do you do hierarchical metadata  - in the sense
> that  fx Type:Music is a subtype of Type:Audio so that searching in
> the Type:Audio field also turns up stuff with Type:Music? 
No, the types are not hierarchical (yet). Maybe it makes sense to allow
multiple types without hierarchies. fx. a Type:Audio might be of
Type:File as well or maybe it's an Type:EmailAttachement? 
If multiple types where possible metadata suppliers could just set
multiple types instead of using hierarchies. Maybe Type:Music but not
Type:Audio makes sense for your music notes? I admit that's a kind of
wild example but generally hierarchies enforce a strict policy on what
types have to go together and i think we don't need that / it might
cause problems.

What i tried to implemented is that some properties can be used to
identify objects. Fx. an email address can be used to identify a person,
a company name can't. This get's tricky / impossible in a lot of cases
but i think we might need it to bring together metadata from different
sources where we can't just rely on standart uris - say combining
address books from mail, IM etc.

Just my 2 cents.

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