well-known user folders, a proposal

Alexander Larsson alexl at redhat.com
Thu Feb 22 07:58:44 PST 2007

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 16:28 +0100, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> As a personal note, I prefer Photos, but this is because I only do
> photos. So Pictures is better. 
> Or maybe we should separate both (since Photos might be more relevant
> for apps like digikam or f-spit).

I'm not sure we should introduce to many directories. (Although we could
point both PHOTOS and PICTURES to the same place by default and allow
people more dirs if they need it...)

What I did atm was that I added both "Pictures" and "Photos" to the set
of gettexted strings, so both these will be translated right if set up
by the sysadmin.

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