Standardized keyboard shortcut to paste PRIMARY?

James Cloos cloos at
Sun Feb 25 11:18:48 PST 2007

>>>>> "Toni" == Toni Ruottu <toni.ruottu at> writes:

Toni> - I [4] think we should work on standardizing behavior that Frisco
Toni>   describes, as it does not have a big conflict with current
Toni>   specification, it seems to improve usability a lot and it should
Toni>   not bother an average user in anyway. In addition it is very
Toni>   close seems to the use that the original ICCCM specification
Toni>   states.

I have to <aol/> that.  Thanks for doing and posting the research!
Using PRIMARY/SECONDARY as a stack (just like the CUT buffers were
back when they were used) is a great idea, and the implementation
should be simple in any language.

Toni> [4]

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