well-known user folders, a proposal

Frederic Crozat fcrozat at mandriva.com
Wed Feb 28 01:20:24 PST 2007

Le vendredi 23 février 2007 à 14:25 +0100, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 12:13 +0100, Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> > Alexander Larsson píše v Pá 23. 02. 2007 v 08:52 +0100:
> > > You might want to change it yourself, even if its not done
> > > automatically. i.e. I can imagine a "make this the default location for
> > > photos" menu item in a file manager.
> > 
> > I have been thinking more about it. I am not against localized names,
> > but I am against automatic creation of any visible directories.
> And I can understand such a viewpoint. Actually I'm pretty sure a lot of
> people will dislike these directories being created. However, the people
> who get irritated about things like that are generally in a category of
> users who can handle changing settings to what they like. In this case,
> all they have to do is to delete the directories once (or disable the
> whole thing in one config file). Or if they like the approach but have a
> different folder setup they can easily set that up (even easier if the
> desktop has a gui for this, but thats not strictly necessary).
> The reason you want to do this by default even if some people get pissed
> is that for a lot of people this is a really nice feature, and many
> wouldn't ever notice or use it unless it was on by default. They won't
> to look for it, or how to set it up. So, if we get things working for
> these people with zero manual work, and make it very easy for others to
> disable or configure it I think we have a net win.

Still giving a little feedback from our own user folders experience
(which is 2 years old now) : I never read ANY complains (or got but
reports) about it. So, I guess your analysis is correct. But we just
need to add a way to disable it at system level, for administrative

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat at mandriva.com>

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