A Standard for Thumbnailers

Pat Suwalski pat at suwalski.net
Thu Jan 11 07:14:38 PST 2007

Stanislav Brabec wrote:
> 0. Try to embed thumbnail into the file, which supports it, if user
>    explicitly wants it.
> 1. Try to use xattr or resources, if file system supports it and it
>    allows large enough data (may fail often)
> 2. Try dotted local directory (may fail on FAT)

Once again, this is a terrible idea. It's where Microsoft got it wrong 
with the hidden Thumbs.db.  Extremely awkward when copying directories 
around. There should never be any extra baggage around my files.

It is already hugely annoying that "deleting" a file on my camera in 
Nautilus moves it to some hidden Trash directory on the memory card.

> 3. Try another specified directory (may fail on read only)
> 4. Fall back to global user cache in ~/.thumbnails


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