Autostart Spec 2007

Havoc Pennington hp at
Fri Jan 12 22:21:08 PST 2007

Dan Winship wrote:
> XSMP clarifications
> -------------------

4) avoid loads of needless complexity for app authors (mostly) but also 
the desktop itself (WM and SM) by resolving to use XSMP only for 
notification of logout and not for state saving. Save state using 
autostart + all apps just save their internal state themselves, with the 
advantage that apps will then also remember state across invocations 
within a single session, and app programmers have a hope of 
understanding what their state saving code is supposed to do, unlike the 
current situation with XSMP. Also, state saving code has a chance of 
working in a cross-platform way (especially useful for e.g. WINE apps, 
but also Java, Qt, and these days GTK+ and Mono apps)


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