xdg-utils xdg-icon-resource's destination icon name

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Wed Jan 17 14:45:18 PST 2007

Exsiting Gnome implementations require the icon to be named either
video-ogg.png or (some older versions) gnome-mime-video-ogg.png

Existing KDE implementations allow an icon name to be anything but it
must be specified in the mimetype description file (those of the
.desktop kind)

Since xdg-icon-resource needs to work with all of these environments it
installs it as video-ogg.png with a link to gnome-mime-video-ogg.png to
make it work on older gnome versions, and it registers the video-ogg.png
name in the KDE .desktop file that describes the mimetype to make it
work with KDE.

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>Subject: xdg-utils xdg-icon-resource's destination icon name
>xdg-icon-resource requires that the (source) icon has vendor-prefix and
>turns around copies the icon to a destination file without the
>vendor-prefix -- in fact, using only MIME type as icon file name. This
>creates bigger icon name conflicts. Is that a design decision or a bug?
>So, an icon likes hxplay-mime-video-ogg-48x48.png would be installed as
>video-ogg.png (with symbolic link of gnome-mime-video-ogg.png to it).
>is undesirable to me. Documentation says nothing about behavior like
>leaving developers reading through the scripts to figure out if the
>are doing what is expected (if what is expected is understood at all).
>xdg-utils doesn't make life easier as it first appeared to be. (If it
>documented clearly, it could be a different story.)
>Also, xdg-icon-resource doesn't provide an option to create only
>links back to icons in application installation directory.
>Any comment if xdg-icon-resource is right or wrong? Was it done that
way to
>accommodate how KDE worked? (Just speculating...)
>Daniel Yek
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