VIO - Visual IO Agents

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Fri Jan 26 05:30:04 PST 2007

> You could lauch KFTPAgent, GFTPAgent, CLIFTPAgent... -  whichever you
> prefer...

But it still doesn't really belong at that layer.  I agree that a lot
of handlers probably need some settings so that you can choose a
timeout, the user-agent string (for the HTTP handler), etc. but to
solve that problem, each one can just have a call that returns a list
of options (like with SANE), and another which sets a certain option,
which it would then be up to the GUI to use.  For example, the desktop
environment could choose to have a system tray icon whenever you're
connected to an FTP site, which would let you disconnect by clicking
or something similar, and in the control center it could have a
utility to let you see and change the available options for the
handlers.  That way, you still get more control over it, but it isn't
tied into the GUI, and it's much more flexible overall.

Donald Straney

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