Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Mon Jan 29 08:21:36 PST 2007

> I read a bit the code, that's quite quick and dirty, isn't it ? ;P

Sort of, remember that right now it isn't supposed to do much except
get the device list or return a scan handle (the ReadImage call is
just for testing).  When I have time I'll add some features it would
definitely need for the "real world", like a timeout on the scan
handles (so it isn't up to the client to end the scan - if it's gone
for some amount of time, maybe 10 seconds, without reading any data,
it'll close it).  Error handling, threads to keep the system from
hanging with long I/O operations, and maybe some dbus convenience
calls (to keep from calling the same functions in a row over and over
to send a reply) definitely need to be added.

Also, some of the code is sort of a patch for the stuff that SANE
does, like using device names for handles, and I hope we'll be able to
fix all that later in SANE itself.  Please, if you've got any
suggestions for what should be changed in the daemon, tell me and I'll
do my best.

> What do you think about creating a wikipage at
> I started :)

Sounds great, I'll get an account and starting adding to it!

Donald Straney

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