FUSE needs a way to set "hints" for file-management

nf2 nf2 at scheinwelt.at
Thu Jul 12 02:04:05 PDT 2007

Mildred wrote:
> Le Tue 10/07/2007 à 21:50 Claes H à écrit:
>> I also think the xattrs suggestion is good, technically. Probably it
>> will not be feasible until you can count on the file system of the
>> user's home directory having xattrs available. This seems to take its
>> time. My gut feeling is that we can never count on this unless it is
>> made a requirement in LSB, unfortunately...
> I think this is the way to do that ?
> Since the fuse filesystems can set extended attributes, (even if the
> uderlying filesystem don't support these) I don't see how it coud be a
> problem.
> Fuse filesystems that want to add this feature would simply add a
> system extended ttribute to the root.
> Mildred

i agree that extended attributes in the root of the  fuse-filesystem 
(the mountpoint-directory) would be a nice solution. FUSE modules could 
also expose some state information this way:

* internal connection status
* busy/idle
* if the connection is dead (someone pulled the servers network cable): 
counts of reconnect failures...

but are extended attributes available everywhere where FUSE is?

another nice option would be ioctl() support for FUSE. But the FAQ says 
that's not possible...



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