New icon names approval: "view-fit-*

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Jul 12 16:08:54 PDT 2007

Jakub Steiner wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-06-26 at 18:03 -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> I have posted three needed icons to:
>> 	view-fit-window
>> 	view-fit-height
>> 	view-fit-width
>> How do I go about getting these blessed and added to the Icon Naming spec?
> Hi James.
> Each new addition to the naming spec should be well explained. The set
> defined in the naming spec is mandated on all theme authors. Our primal
> goal should remain to keep the icon name list as minimal as possible.
> In your list, fit-width seems to be very common, but I'd argue
> zoom-best-fit already covers it.
I would partially agree.  KDE also has that icon and I can't say if it 
is used, or ever was used.  So, if it was me that was making the 
decision I would tend to ask why we need "zoom-fit-best" -- where is it 
used and is there any place where "view-fit-window" wouldn't be just as 
good?  And, I do have a partial answer to that.  The KDE application: 
"Kaboodle" could use "zoom-fit-best" but it doesn't use the current KDE 

IAC, these view-fit-* icons are for applications that display documents 
or photos.  For example, a PDF viewer.  Whether an application uses all 
three depends on the application.  "view-fit-window" & "view-fit-width" 
are common.  A KDE developer requested the "view-fit-height" to complete 
the set for his project.

Yes, you are correct that if you are using *only* "view-fit-window" that 
you could use "zoom-best-fit" (which should actually be: 
"zoom-fit-best").  However, if you are going to use 2 or 3 of them, you 
need icons that look like a set.

The current practice seems to be to use the magnifying glass paradigm 
for zoom and the page image paradigm for fitting to the window.  See the 
current release of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Also see my HiColor style 
icons on the Wiki:

I think that it is mostly a usability issue.  It is easier to recognize 
the icons if they are different.  See attached view of the KPDF toolbar.

I looked at GNOME's PDF viewer (gPDF) and I find that it has the 
functions: "Best Fit" & "Fit Width".  It appears to use the 
"zoom-fit-best" for the first one and there *is* a fit to width icon. 
They aren't really that easy to see -- see attached.

IAC, as you can see from the two screen shots, it is going to 
significantly change the look and feel of KDE to switch to the GNOME 
paradigm.  So, basically we need these icon and will probably continue 
to use them even if they aren't in the standard.

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