Mime type description capitalization for display

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 17:13:25 PDT 2007


Is there a proper way to get a version of the mime-type description
suitably capitalised for use at the start of a sentence or on its own?
 eg.  "Folders" instead of "folders".  Is it safe to simply capitalise
the first letter before displaying the string?  I have looked through
the archives but have not been able to find any answers.

I have two use cases in mind.  The first is the file properties
dialog, where there will be an entry such as:

"Type:  folder"

Where I would prefer:

"Type:  Folder"

The second is the file manager in KDE 4 which can group items in a
folder according to their type, which currently looks like this:

plain text document

I would prefer:

Plain text document

I am not subscribed to the list.  Please CC me on replies.


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