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Ontology viz is here:
Source is attached



Since it's impossible to properly describe media without multiple inheritance,
we have to resort to multiple optional fields and client software having to 
figure out what kind of media they are dealing with from the fields 
present/absent, that is deducing implied media types instead of getting this 
info from file category.

Simplifications made: 
* no distinction between vector and raster media like (SVG vs Jpeg), ditto for 
midi vs mp3
* no distinction between images with multiple frames/pictures and a single 
* no distinction between images with a set of (possibly unrelated) pictures 
and frames representing a video-like stream( ico vs gif)
* video class is actually video+audio
* since it's impossible to properly inherit both image and audio properties 
for audio+video, Image properties get inherited and the most important audio 
properties get copied from audio class, but are not directly related to 
their "prototypes".

Any consequences/side effects of these simplifications are to be blamed on you 
know who :)
You have been warned.

Contact class:

Should Contact class inherit from DataObject or Content.
It inherits Content for now. Maybe there will be some reusable properties.

How to implement compatibility with VCard?
problems so far:
VCard splits physical address into many fields and defines several addresses.
Name is split into several parts.

Adding any extra info to a contact medium like a nickname, comment is a major 
problem. Can be solved by adding a hierarchy of appropriate properties, but 
it is not an elegant solution.

User Annotation:

Need feedback on user annotation/user-provided metadata.
Everything I can come up with is:
*title( file name can be considered title as well, since it's exactly this: 
	user's title for the content)
*Usage intensity(possibly several fields like how many times opened, total 
	usage/edit/view time)

Some of these are source-specific

On top of this some apps have user annotation info stored in a separate DB. 
i.e.  while file source is the file system, usage stats are stored somewhere 

Another point to consider: there can be several users. Or can't?

>*** Need feedback BADLY on sources and user annotation. Wake up people!


What to do with them?


*Added Image class
*Added Contact class with some sample contact mediums
*Changed User parent class to Source
*Added fields to DataObject and added inheritance where appropriate
*Added properties to Video

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