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Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 11:03:12 PDT 2007

Source attached. Cute picture: 

Design decisions proposed:

Split ontology into Xesam Core, Xesam Convenience and Xesam Mappings

Xesam Core expresses the full semantics of the ontology i.e. it is 
self-sufficient and describes all the useful information we plan indexing.

Xesam Convenience contains semantically irrelevant fields which are 
subchildren of Xesam Core fields and provide nothing except more 
human-friendly names and descriptions.

Xesam Mappings provides mapping for external standards like EXIF and vCard.
For each such standard a base set of fields and categories capturing the most 
relevant features of the standard is provided in Xesam Core.
The full standard or a more complete implementation is provided via Xesam 
The reason: excessive complexity or multiple irrelevant features of the 

Xesam Core is the primary goal for now. The rest will follow as the need 
arises/time allows

VCard compatibility:
It is not feasible to implement the full vcard functionality. The following 
simplifications are made:
* name is a single field
* postal addresses are single fields
* some obscure features are dropped like modem phone number for the sake of 

New design limitations:
1) Source and Content hierarchies are kept separate, that is no Class can 
inherit source and content at once
2) Each file is assigned at max one content and one source.


Maybe we need a better name for MailboxItem and ArchiveItem?

Still not decided on how to PIM stuff.

Need to revamp media ontology.

Can we count on backends being able to figure out list lengths? i.e. if we 
have Software.depends relation, do we need Software.dependCount? I think no. 
Either we have a *count property for things we don't describe, or we have a 
list of things and no *count property.

Should we elaborate comment stats for SourceCode along the way of text stats 
or commentCharacterCount is sufficient?

Change log:

*Archive and Mailbox sources renamed to ArchiveItem and MailboxItem since 
assigning a file category implies that the file is of this category i.e. this 
is a Spreadsheet and Attachment, however for archive item having "this file 
is a Document and Archive" is kind of weird.

* Added DeletedFile source for trashed files

* Added properties to DeletedFile

* Added attachmentEncoding property

* Added isPasswordProtected flag to ArchiveItem

* Added isRead, isImportant, isInProgress flags to MailboxItem.

* Added Archive and Folder classes

* Added MediaList and AudioList classes

* Added SourceCode class

* Added PIM class

* Added Alarm,Todo,Journal,Event, FreeBusy classes

* Added event properties

* Added IMMessage class

* Added receptionTime to Message. It is not the same as the local creation 
date. That assumption was incorrect.

* Contact class greatly extended.
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