[Xesam] Ontology snapshot

Antoni Mylka antoni.mylka at dfki.uni-kl.de
Mon Jun 11 09:15:01 PDT 2007

Evgeny Egorochkin pisze:
> I'm still trying to come up with a good case where we would need extra 
> interpretations.

Please do. It could be possible to use composition instead of 
instantiation to express the interpretation. (DataObject 
hasInterpretation InformationElement). This would make many things more 
complicated though, and will probably not meet the constraints you set 
for xesam (One Source, one Content)...

> Cases to consider: Trash (a folder with files and also trash container), Video 
> DVD(a complex media container vs filesystem).

This is tricky indeed...

As far as I know typical DVD movies don't have data, so they can 
unambigously be interpreted as a media container, which contains media 
stream that is interpreted as audio/video etc... A normal data DVD will 
be interpreted as a filesystem.

The problem arises with hybrid CD's (those that have data AND audio 
tracks). I haven't seen a hybrid DVD (are there any?). The question is 
if this is enough to change the most fundamental design assumption of 
the entire ontology, just to cover this case...

I'd say no. We could say:

RemoveableMedium is interpreted as a MediaContainer which contains:
      MediaStream interpreted as Audio
      MediaStream interpreted as Video
      MediaStream interpreted as Filesystem

and all problems go away...

But... if we find more cases then we'll need to reconsider.

Antoni Mylka
antoni.mylka at dfki.de

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