[XESAM] Ontology snaphot. Important proposal.

Evgeny Egorochkin phreedom.stdin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 09:46:43 PDT 2007

This time pretty picture contains only parts of the ontology I've been 
actively changin since it just takes too much time to make nice layouts :) 

While ontology is still not complete, it's structure is unlikely to change 
much. It's quite hard to get it absolutely right in theory...

So my proposal is to start implementing it. Whatever inconsistencies, missing 
fields, ambiguity or other problems we encounter will be resolved in the 
process. This way, by the time xesam 1.0 spec is ready, so are actual 

I'm available to answer your questions most of the time.

jabber:phreedom at jabber.org

Also, I'm still awaiting for clarification from Tracker on what categories you 
assign to files. If you want me to consider compatibility with your approach, 
at least I need to know what you want/need.

Design decisions:

Many containers support naming of contents. Fx email attachments have names.
Some kinds of content can have a global name like "file://something", but only 
some. Also the trouble here is that
while a zip file is addressed like "file://x.zip" its contents might be 
addressed like "zip://x.zip/document.odf"

The only sensible way out of this seems to introduce both name property for 
container-local name(corresponds to file name) and url property for global 
addressing if it's possible at all.


Should we have file extension field?
Should we index folders just like other files?
Implemented support for multiple  filesystems, removable media indexing, disk 
images in files.

This is accomplished by introducing FileSystem content type, which represent a 
generic filesystem.
For disk images, the Source of the filesystem is set to File.
For hdd partitions and removable media, Partition source is used. It lets 
specify both device and uuid(e.g. to identify different usb sticks).


* Content.contains is now a subproperty of Content.depends

* Added Project class

* Renamed ToDo to Task

* Added Partition source with fields

* Added FileSystem content class with fields

* Removed User class and moved properties to Source

* Added isEncrypted property to DataObject

* Revamped media ontology

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