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Fri Jun 22 07:02:37 PDT 2007

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> Seems you send us a draft. That's quite messy. What do you expect ? We
> want use to reimplement QuickLook ?

Quick look is rather extra, the preview inside the finder "cover flow" like
is already great.

But that's Mac OS X idea. I proposed to manage formats through icons'
previews. Currently, lots of icon are dumb images : if you double-click a
Real Audio icon, actually, you're not sure you're going to playback the
Hence, end-users has to care about the extension of the files : mostly three
miserable characters often failing to actually solve the issue.

Instead of just stupidly hide the extensions as in Windows, I propose to
combine it with a strong reliable preview management.

Cover Flow and Quick Look are interesting to get preview in list of files,
or to get more convenient preview. But that's not the point of the proposal,
it's just extra.

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