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Thomas Leonard talex5 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 06:09:01 PDT 2007

I got the email below about some broken links to fdo specs. I'm not
sure who is maintaining this document at the moment.

However, perhaps we could we get some kind of fixed naming scheme (or
redirections) in place? It's hard to refer to specifications when they
keep moving!

Also, the new front page layout makes it really hard to find the link
to the specifications. In fact, the word "specifications" only appears
once on the page, in a section titled "Standards". This section
contains many links, none of which lead to the freedesktop.org
standards / specifications page.


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From: Marian Dubiel


I just read

The  references to all the other freedesktop specifications at the end
of the file have broken links.
For me it seems The links now should have a form like:

Would be fine if you fix those links.


Marian Dubiel

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