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Wed Jun 27 02:42:20 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-06-24 at 16:23 -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> > (a little off topic)
> > 
> > I have found that the icons used in Qt3 (amarok, kaffeine) look funky on RTL 
> > (right to left) desktops. Has anyone started thinking about a fix for that 
> > problem?
> > 
> > For example, by definition the default play/next/prev icons should not reflect 
> > the desktop direction, which means even on RTL desktops, the order should be 
> > (always visually, from left to right)
> > 	prev, play, pause stop, next
> IIUC, on a media device, it should be the same as a physical device 
> which isn't laterally reverted just because you have a RTL language 
> script.  The buttons are based on the actual direction of tape (except 
> for micro cassettes which go backwards).

Actually, GTK+ has RTL versions of those icons because it is believed
that speakers of non-RTL languages prefer that (and it was requested by
such users for Totem and Rhythmbox).

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