[Proposal] Meta themes spec.

Thomas Wood thos at gnome.org
Mon Jun 11 09:15:24 PDT 2007

Hi Stephan,

Regarding your Metathemes proposal, it all sounds good and
similar to what we basically have in GNOME already. However, in GNOME
we use a .desktop style file to describe what the package contains.
Currently this can be any combination of icon, gtk+, metacity themes,
and a gtk+ colour scheme string. It can also indicate font names and
sizes, and a wallpaper (although in the theme manager, these are only
implemented as "suggestions"). The data for the themes are then kept in
specified directories within the archive. For the most part, this also
means that simply extracting the archive to ~/.themes should be
sufficient to install it.

GNOME has recently introduced a custom mime type to allow easier
installation of theme packages. However, it has not yet achieved wide
spread adoption and I think there would be little opposition to
replacing it with a freedesktop.org specification.

I would be happy to help out with the creation and adoption of a
freedesktop.org specification for these types of archives.



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