Device Specific Icons and the Icon Naming Specification

Rodney Dawes dobey at
Sun Mar 4 11:26:13 PST 2007

I recently committed a couple of changes to the Icon Naming Spec, the
largest of which is the addition of how to name device-specific icons,
in the description of the Devices context. Also added were a few new
base device icon names, such as scanner and camera-web. The text from
the spec on how to name device-specific icons is as follows:

Icons for hardware that is contained within or connected to the
computing device. Naming for extended devices in this group, is of the
form <primary function>-<manufacturer>-<model>. This allows ease
of fallback to the primary function device name, or ones more targeted
for a specific series of models from a manufacturer. For example, a
theme author may want to provide icons for different phones. The
specific model icons could be named “phone-samsung-t809”,
“phone-motorola-rokr”, and “phone-motorola-pebl”. However, the theme
must provide a phone icon in the theme's style, so that devices not
matching these models, will still have an appropriate icon. An exception
to this rule is that the “media” icons do not need to include
manufacturer names, as they are generic items, and may be available from
many manufacturers. As a result, for media, the specific icons are to
differentiate between different specific types of media. For exmaple, an
artist may wish to provide icons for BluRay, DVD, HD-DVD, CD-ROM, and
variations thereof. The specific media type icons should be named in the
form, <primary function>-<specific format>. Some examples are
“media-optical”, “media-optical-bd” and “media-optical-dvd”.

If there are any issues or concerns, please present them, so that we may
resolve them as quickly as possible. Thanks.

-- dobey

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