Desktop Entry patches and clarifications

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sun Mar 11 11:25:56 PDT 2007

Vincent Untz wrote:
> + "The %F and %U field codes may only be used as an argument on their
>    own."
>   I'm not sure about the "on their own". Does it mean that
>   Exec=ooffice -math %U
>   is invalid? (that's how I understand the current text). I have many
>   desktop files here with similar exec lines.

I believe the text meant that the following isn't allowed:

Exec=foo --input=%U

What is the desktop to do in that case if it has two files to open, "bar" 
and "baz"? Should it run
	foo --input=bar --input=baz
	foo --input="bar baz"?

> + "The executable program can either be specified with its full path or
>    with the name of the executable only."
>  If I install a file in /usr/bin/subdir/mybinary, then I can't put only
>  "subdir/mybinary" in Exec.  I believe the intent is to no have ".."
>  and ".", but this is a bit more restrictive.
>  (I didn't check if calling execlp with "subdir/mybinary" works, if it
>  doesn't then we can safely ignore this comment)

I think here the intent is to say: either you write the absolute path, or 
it's the file name (without paths) of the executable to be found in 

Running a "relative to PATH" directory+file doesn't work.

$ /usr/bin/multiarch-i386-linux/sdl-config
Usage: sdl-config [--prefix[=DIR]] [--exec-prefix[=DIR]] [--version] 
[--cflags] [--libs] [--static-libs]
$ multiarch-i386-linux/sdl-config
bash: multiarch-i386-linux/sdl-config: No such file or directory

I get the same with a C program doing:
	   "multiarch-i386-linux/sdl-config", NULL);

Anyways, since this is a weird construct, I hope no one would mind if you 
made it clear that it isn't allowed.

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