Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Mar 21 12:58:12 PDT 2007

Rob Taylor wrote:
> It might also make sense to just have a Capabilities bitfield rather
> than seperate calls for Suspend, Hibernate, Reboot and Shutdown. You're
> gonna call all of them at startup anyway, so makeing it one call reduces
> bus round trip considerably.

Though dbus does allow you to do these async (fire them all off then 
wait for all results), which I would recommend for anything an app is 
doing at startup, even though it's sort of painful. Assuming most apps 
will be doing a variety of calls on startup it probably will speed up 
app launch if say 20-30 round trips are all done async instead of with 
blocking round trips in serial.

As an alternative to a bitfield, one option is a dictionary of 
properties. This is most likely nicer than a bitfield in say python, and 
more annoying than a bitfield in C.


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