Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Mar 22 12:12:35 PDT 2007

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday 22 March 2007 06:55 +0100, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>>> Yes, a dictionary might be nice, but it's not trivial to access in C.
>>>> This stuff really needs to be *trivial* for an application to access,
>>>> hence why I think booleans are probably best.
>>> How likely is an application written in C not going to use the D-Bus
>>> glib bindings?
>> Any library designed to be used by other languages.
> Hmm, I thought that the main idea in D-Bus is to always use bindings.

This is the intent, but the GLib bindings for dict perhaps still need 
some work. Often a GHashTable is a lot more annoying in C than 
alternatives (like an array of pairs, or the raw libdbus iterator, or a 
custom object) - you don't see many designed-for-C APIs that pass 
GHashTable around. Even a GDBusDict type might be nicer since it could 
allow typesafe access and perhaps avoid copying the dict keys/values out 
of the DBusMessage (use the hash table only to speed up lookup, if there 
are say >10 key-value pairs, and otherwise avoid creating a hash table 
at all).

When designing a dbus interface maybe one should just assume bindings 
will evolve and improve and not try to optimize for details of current 

(Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure the bitfield-vs-hash-vs-methods 
topic for this particular power management API has been a little 
overdicussed relative to its importance ;-) but the general lesson about 
improving hash table bindings in C might be worth thinking about more)

> How would one deal with D-Bus APIs that already use dictionationaries? Just 
> ignore those methods in wrappers?

Dictionaries certainly should be supported in bindings, I think it's 
broken if they aren't. Lots of times a dictionary is a very nice API 
since it allows you to have an extensible set of key-value properties 
for an object, among other things.

There's a standard Properties interface in the dbus spec that could be 
nicely extended by adding a call to get all the props in a dict in one 
go, and adding a change notification signal.


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