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On Dienstag, 27. März 2007, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-03-27 at 12:43 +0200, Danny Kukawka wrote:
> > You can't say clearly IIRC if something get saved to RAM, because this
> > get normaly handled by the bios and depend on the bios implementation. I
> > have seen machines which show the same behavior on Standby as on
> > suspend-to-ram.
> Sure, but what I've described is the common case, no?

IIRC there is no common case. At least everything is in RAM in the most cases, 
because the processes on the machines get not really stopped. The point is 
you can't never say what S1 do. I don't know atm if there general description 
for S1. 

Maybe this would be a better description:

"Standby is the action where the CPU is held in a low power state, the display 
get shut down but no data is saved to hard disk. The behavior of Standby 
depends on your bios and hardware. It normally takes a a split second to 
standby and resume. You cannot remove the battery when on laptop power or 
work will be lost."

> > > Standard Nomenclature
> > > This section describes the standard nomenclature that should be used by
> > > programmers when implementing the Power Management Specification.
> > >
> > > Standby
> >
> > If you provide information about Standby, why are there no functions on
> > the interface to call Standby (Standby/CanStandby/CanStandbyChanged/)? I
> > know HAL don't provide a interface by default, but there are (maybe old)
> > machines which support no suspend-to-ram but work with Standby.
> Valid point. Either we can add the standby stuff to the spec, or I can
> drop the standby description. kpowersaved uses standby doesn't it?

KPowersave provide Standby trigger (if supported by the system and HAL ... see 
my patch for HAL on the ML) and there are user which use it as bugreports 

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