proposal for extending XSETTINGS registry keys

Marius Bugge Monsen mmonsen at
Wed Mar 28 07:46:10 PDT 2007

Hi all,

At the Desktop Architects Meeting 3, beginning of December last year, Waldo 
asked me if I could write a proposal for extending the XSETTINGS registry 

I've written a small paper where I look at the Gtk+ and Qt settings and color 
palettes to find where they overlap, and where the common subsets need to be 
extended to be useful. The result is a proposed set of new settings keys for 
the XSETTINGS registry.

The document is available here:

Just a couple of points I want to clear up:
* This document is intended as a basis for discussion.
* The proposed keys do not cover every conceivable setting. The idea is to 
find a set of keys that will be useful when trying to integrate with the 
desktop environment.
* The Qt toolkit does not have support for the XSETTINGS mechanism. I'm 
working on a prototype implementation for this (Disclaimer: This does not 
mean that Trolltech has committed to adding XSETTINGS support in Qt. It's 
just a prototype).
* I'm not a Gtk+ expert. If you are, your input is very welcome!


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