locale specific for .desktop

Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center Takao.Fujiwara at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 18 05:59:42 PDT 2007

In the current implemetation, I have no workaround to do this but this configuration is needed by users.
Would you help this?

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Thursday 18 October 2007 14:11:38 você escreveu:
>>>I also know people who use different settings for different LC_*
>>Yes, those changes should be considered.
>>Please note users can launch the application directly with the command line
>>if they need.
> Not acceptable. If using the command line is acceptable for you, then you 
> don't need to install the menu .desktop at all. And then we don't have this 
> issue to discuss.

The menu items need to be installed because the users need to use menus. I think it's a different topic to whether the users are given the command line or not.

> Imagine now that there are two applications that I need to use (for whatever 
> reason). One only shows in the Brazilian Portuguese locale that I use and the 
> other in Japanese.
> Can you give me a good reason why I should have to *choose* one of those to 
> show up in the menu? Why can't I have both? 

You can show both to edit the .desktop files but the menu has the default settings which are required by the users.

> And if I can have both, why not simply show them for all locales?

The situation is, whether the configuraters like it or not, the settings are needed under a contract and the application is expected to use on a locale.
A service can provide the simple settings to show them for all locales.

> Also think of the "principle of least surprise". Imagine that I have an 
> application in my menu, but then I change my locale. It'll be a surprise to 
> find out that the application has disappeared. How will I start it?

It's not surpise because the user is explained.
The first recommendation is to change the locale and if the change is not good under a condition, the system configuraters will provide the options.
As the design, adding language in the .desktop can show the menu item.

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