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Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Thu Apr 10 13:31:02 PDT 2008

Le jeudi 10 avril 2008, Rafael Fernández López a écrit :
> Hi,
> I propse a 'middle case' solution. Bring a default
> ones 'bytes', 'files', 'folders', 'contacts', 'mails', 'events', for
> example, and tell in the docs what you've proposed. That if the developer
> wants another 'amount type', it would be needed to create a .desktop file
> with the information and install it in a standard location (still to decide
> which one, of course).
> I say this because I know how some developers are really against
> writing .desktop files for this kind of things, for that reason I propose
> this 'middle case' solution, and that since the most used cases will be the
> above ones, we make life easier to developers.

I think that the .desktop file idea is not good.  It's really too complex just 
for that.

Whats wrong with :
 'bytes', 'files', 'folders', 'contacts', 'mails', 'events'  
  or any other internationalized string that will be shown as it.

If you're not happy because you want more control over the string, you still 
can have a function  RegisterUnit  in your dbus interface.

But a .desktop file is really overkill.
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