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Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Mon Apr 14 05:52:34 PDT 2008

On Monday 14 April 2008 05:47 am, Vincent Untz wrote:
> I guess it can make sense to add Religion as an additional category. We
> just need to choose one main category for this. From the list, I'd say
> the ones that look more or less related are Education and Utility.
> Utility makes most sense to me.
> Opinions?

Just a lurker here, but I'd say "Education" rather than "Utility"--utility (to 
me) implies something that performs an action (typically on "this" computer).

Education can be much broader.  Is there a philosophy category?  If some 
people object to "religion" and others to "faith", maybe they both (as well 
as a bunch of other stuff) can be encompassed under "Philosophy".  (And, as a 
part time lurker, I didn't look back to see the entire menu hierarchy, but if 
it is hierarchical, I can see Philosophy being a subcategory of Education.

Randy Kramer

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