Proposal: Inharitance for Desktop Entry Spec

洪任諭 at
Thu Apr 17 06:11:49 PDT 2008

> > The GUI frontend of sudo shouldn't be hard-coded in Exec, which is very
>  > dirty. Having two different for the same applications just to use gksu
>  > under gnome and kdesu under kde is quite ridiculous. Current
>  > implementations duplicate all the translations and other keys, set
>  > NotShowIn or OnlyShowIn, and then hard-code gksu and kdesu respectively
>  > for two different deksktop files. This doesn't make sense at all.
>  > There should be another key for this, really, just like the Terminal key.
> I think an xdg-su addition to xdg-utils would be a better solution here,
>  that would also be applicable outside of .desktop files.
>  (where xdg-su figures out which of gksu/kdesu/su/sudo/... to use)
Agree. This way things will be much cleaner.
However, the xdg-utils way has a serious drawback:
Currently xdg-utils only recognize gnome/kde/xfce.
There are much more different environments then these three, and the
number is still growing...

The same problem happens to xdg-mime. Currently it calls gnome-open,
kfmclient, and exo-open. But this is totally broken if these three
desktop environment is not available.
There should be an common way to store the user preferences. Currently
the scripts are only wrappers, and this is more a dirty hack then a
real solution.

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