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On Saturday 19 April 2008, dan_500 at wrote:
> I think unified desktop experience is a big aim of the freedesktop
> project, isn't it?

assuming that such things are actually somewhat widely used, yes =) libplasma 
uses svg themes (impacting plasma, krunner, ksysguard, amarok2 and the many 
plasmoids shipped alongside various apps such as kalzium or the kde4 support 
for akonadi), but who else does? (honest question: i'm not aware =)

as for being ready to standardize, we're still refining our theme 
specification in response to real world usage we have a wiki page that 
collects what we're doing:

it may be a bit early to start standardizing this particular topic, but then 
agian maybe not if there is enough interest (as in: applications actually 
using these things across toolkits) 

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