Desktop Theme Spec

Toma tomhaste at
Mon Apr 21 03:05:59 PDT 2008

Hey folks,
Sorry for jumping in late in this thread, but if you have a look at
what Enlightenment is doing, youll see some interesting ideas on all
this. A few points,
1. E17, ETK and EWL themes are all in separate 'edj' files, that are
basically image and program containers. As such, they're actually
binary themes. What this allows is the theme 'engine' to be built
around the images so all animations, transitions and actions can be
enclosed in the theme itself.
2. In  E17 itself, the widget layout is entirely dependant on what the
theme creator does. This has been used to create some rather drastic
themes. And appearance changes. The widget layout is set by the
program creator with EWL and ETK (the 2 different toolkits based on
3. The edj file can be decompiled with easy for editing and re-themeing.

It would be nice if KDE and Gnome camps could start using Edje, but
thats wishful thinking. :)
Me, Ive created themes for E17, ETK and soon EWL and they really all
allow the themer to be as artistic as possible. Ive tried making a GTK
theme but couldnt find an engine that suited what I wanted and thus,
stopped after changing all the images.
Please keep other desktops in mind and not limit the discussion to KDE
and Gnome.

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