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> This topic is may a bit OT: Why there is no open application binary
> interface? I could use any binary on any operating system which support
> this standard. In the moment I can't use my linux executables on Solaris
> or FreeBSD and I can't use the Solaris kernel for Ubuntu without using
> solaris packages from Nexenta project.
today your topic cannot be handled by freedesktop due to it's low level
kernel closed requirements.
A binary file format is too kernel specific so you'll find differences
beetween kernels like linux,freebsd,mach,nt.
There is an attempt in the bsd land to let you run a linux binary under a
bsd kernel without modifications.
In the same way you can resolve some windows binaries under a linux software
distribuition like Debian using mime + an intermediate api map traduction
like wine.
In the same way you can use a java bytecode across platforms.
Actually there is not standard in the terms you mean and I think there's no
critical mass to let a community invest in that direction.FreeBSD and
Solaris do something but it's to early to think in terms of "Universal
Binary ;)"


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