Universal Binary

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Mon Apr 28 12:46:28 PDT 2008

Le lundi 28 avril 2008 à 20:35 +0200, dan_500 at web.de a écrit :
> "
> Yes. Universal Binary would be great. There should be a competiton 
> between kernels and no monopol for linux. Why it's to early?

There is no Linux monopol. It just happens that other *nixes have failed
to create a similarly-sized software ecosystem, and as a result have to
support the Linux format to benefit a little from Linux network effects.

Should SUN manage to push a fantastically attractive software stack
Solaris-side, you'd see Solaris binary support sprout in other *nixes
overnight. Right now it's paying for years of serverside-only focus and
userspace under-investment.

Nicolas Mailhot
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