Trash Spec Idea

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Fri Aug 15 11:34:37 PDT 2008

Andrea Francia wrote:

> The "cifs" filesystem is marked "nodev" in /proc/filesystems, I think
> the TrashCan should works also on this filesystem. I wonder if also the
> 'nfs' has the nodev attribute
> I think that there's no correlation with 'nodev' attribute and the
> suitability of have the Trash Can.

Correct.  'nodev' as a mount option just controls whether or not you can 
create device-special files (like those you might find in /dev) on that 

Confusingly, 'nodev' in /proc/filesystems determines whether or not that 
filesystem gets tried during mount if no -t option (to specify the 
filesystem type) is specified, or '-t auto' is given.


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