Specification for per directory settings

Patryk Zawadzki patrys at pld-linux.org
Thu Aug 21 02:58:44 PDT 2008

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 10:20 AM, Adrien BUSTANY <madcat at mymadcat.com> wrote:
> I like the extended attributes too, they're clearly the cleanest way to
> store that information. In the case where extended attributes are not
> available, we cannot always use a hidden file in the folder, I'm thinking
> for example of a read only volume. In that case I think Dolphin fall backs
> to a central setting file, though I don't know the details.

Central database comes at a price of an ever-growing file hidden
somewhere in your filesystem. Also what happens if I try to save some
settings for a CD or DVD? Does it remember the absolute path (bad) or
the mountint point and relative path (equally bad) or does it try to
get a GUID for the media (but not the drive as I can put the same disc
into another drive at some later point in time)?

I think supporting *saving* to read-only file systems is just not
worth it (and can create confusion if people start complaining that
they can customize the CD but it doesn't work when moved to another
machine or that they can customize the looks but moving files around
does not work).

Just my 0.02 zloty (PLN).

Patryk Zawadzki

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