Specification for per directory settings

Adrien BUSTANY madcat at mymadcat.com
Fri Aug 22 09:13:30 PDT 2008

Patryk Zawadzki a écrit :
> On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 6:36 PM, Adrien BUSTANY <madcat at mymadcat.com> wrote:
>> Clearly we need a lib to abstract that. We also need to make that lib
>> totally desktop independant...
>> And also I'd really be happy if we reach a point where the solution we
>> choose can be defined as a standard (that was my initial point). I guess
>> that implies that there should be more than two people participating in this
>> discussion :-) Maybe a blog article would be a good way to get people into
>> the discussion, but I don't have a blog :-s
> I think it would be enough to make gio/gvfs/kio preserve the
> attributes (all attributes, not only the folder related ones) when
> copying/moving files and directories (and to create fallback files
> when the need arises). High level apps can then just use the gio/kio
> calls to manage the attributes and the storage mechanism is abstracted
> away. That should be standardized and agreed upon first.
I agree on that. We definitely need to start a real discussion about 
that. I'll be in touch with the KDE developers to see what they think 
about that issue.
> Only then we can start thinking about higher level standards like
> folder view-specific attributes or MIME-type storage.
> Of course apps not using the vfs apis will likely break the attributes
> but they fall out of scope of the specification (and they also break
> stuff on OSX).

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