Can extensions such as "Composite" be loaded/unloaded w/o restarting X?

ben chang bchang at
Mon Aug 25 16:23:42 PDT 2008


I'm pretty sure the answer is "No", but I thought I'd ask anyway :)  
Two reasons why I'm interested : 

one, naturally it's always pleasant when you can reconfigure as much as possible
without restarting.

two, actually the main reason:  I use Maya a lot, which crashes badly if you're
using the Composite extension.  But, I love the GL-accelerated desktop, both
for aesthetic pleasure and real functionality improvement!  It seems this means
having to switch between different xorg.conf files and restart the window
manager whenever I want to use Maya or use other apps while enjoying Compiz,

the obvious solution would be for Autodesk to fix this, but it seems they've
never really shown much interest in Maya keeping pace with the linux desktop. 
I think they target Maya on linux to some kind of class of "power users" from
the SGI days, people who still think that Motif is the visual sign of serious
software, and production houses who rebuild their own custom UI's around Maya
anyway.  That's a strategy that I can completely understand, but it's a drag. 
Ok, so anyway:

is it possible to load and unload Composite without restarting X?  



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