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Mon Feb 11 10:30:57 PST 2008

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On Mon, 2008-02-11 at 17:01 +0100, nf2 wrote:

> I just wanted to ask about your plans regarding using a standardized
> format for file-management bookmarks.

there is a patch already for the standard gtk+ filesystem backend at:


it will use GBookmarkFile to store the file chooser shortcuts and move
the shortcuts across from the old internal format. Nautilus and the
gnome-vfs backend would still need to be ported. since the file chooser
in the next gtk+ stable release will probably use the new GIO/GVFS API,
the gnome-vfs port it's probably useless. it might also make sense to
move the file chooser shortcuts API straight into GIO.

> I think KDE is already using XBEL for this, and GLib also has an XBEL
> parser. Are there any other obstacles than agreeing on the location and
> name of such a shared bookmarks file?

when I proposed the desktop bookmarks spec[1], I used
$HOME/.shortcuts.xbel as the proposed storage file for the file selector
shortcuts; this should probably be changed to
$XDG_DATA_DIR/shortcuts.xbel or similar - I have no strong feelings
towards either solutions.


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