thumbnail spec + .thumblocal additions/clarifications

David Zeuthen david at
Wed Feb 27 11:15:11 PST 2008


Two things, one simple.. the link from

pointing to the thumbnail spec

doesn't work. Probably we should host this spec in fd.o SCM and also
host the latest version on fd.o servers just as like we do with other

Second, I'd like to patch the spec with some additions for .thumblocal
support; here's a copy of the latest that the Wayback machine could give

There are two things to this

 - First I'm unsure whether .thumblocal is to be stored at the root of
   the media or in each subdirectory of the media. The latter is
   probably preferable to avoid looking up the mount point. Suggest to
   clarify this in the spec.

 - Second, I'd like to change some of the language to allow writing to
   .thumblocal. This is needed for encrypted file systems and with the
   prevalence of support of LUKS on USB sticks this is becoming a sticky
   issue. See this GNOME bug report for more details

   Basically, applications/desktops would write thumbnails
   to .thumblocal if, and only if, the file to thumbnail is encrypted.
   The rationale for this is to avoid leaking information from an
   encrypted mount into $HOME which may be unencrypted.

Thanks for considering this.


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